API Changelog

This page lists recent and upcoming changes to the Socotra REST API. Contact Socotra Support (support@socotra.com) with any questions.


Socotra may add fields to objects returned from any API without advance notice. We will always work with customers well in advance, generally with a six-month deprecation period, for any field that will be removed or have its type changed.


Deprecation notice: The following feature flags are deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Customers should set the value of these flags to true in all tenants. Please contact Socotra support with any questions.

  • Quotes for New Business: property.quotes.for.new.business.enabled

  • Quotes for Endorsements and Renewals: property.quotes.for.endorsements.and.renewals.enabled

  • Premium Reporting: property.premium.reporting.enabled


  • The reverseTimestamp property on the PaymentResponse2 object has been renamed to reversedTimestamp.



Changes in support of endorsement and renewal quotation:


Merged the financial transaction object with the now-removed FinancialTransactionResponse2. The new object has all the fields in both of the former objects.



To support the new Premium Reporting feature:


In the next few days, the field generatingEvent will be added to the PolicyDocumentConfiguration object to support an upcoming feature. This field will be a string with an enumerable set of values: either quote, issue, or accept.


Added the Quotes API.


The Deposit Account API has been removed.


Due to deprecation of Deposit Accounts, sunset headers have been added to all Deposit Account API responses in accordance with IETF RFC 8594.


The Deposit Account API is now deprecated, and will be removed not earlier than October 31, 2019.

This will include:

  • All deposit account API endpoints

  • The ability to get transactions by deposit account locator in Liquid templates


For Policyholders that have no policies, the get policyholder policies endpoint will be changed to return an HTTP 404 Not Found response, rather than the current behavior of returning an empty array.