Connected Core User Interface

This topic provides an overview of the Connected Core next-generation user interface (released on May 26, 2021).

Example Core User Interface Workflows

User Interface Migration Considerations

The legacy user interface has been deprecated and will not be available after April 15, 2023. New and updated features are not supported in the legacy user interface.

New Features

These features are only available through the current Core user interface:

  • Ad Hoc Fees

  • Auxiliary Data

  • Data Autofill

  • Endorsement Cloning

  • Manual Invoice Write-off

  • Multicurrency

  • Webhooks

Performance improvements

Data entry for the following has been streamlined in the Core User Interface:

  • Policies

  • Exposures

  • Perils

  • Premium Reports

  • Endorsements

  • Renewals

  • Cancellations

  • Policyholders

  • Claims and Subclaims

Additions and Changes

The following additions and improvements are only available in the current Core user interface.

  • Invoice Details - financial information for each invoice will now be displayed

  • Control the Effective Time of a Lapse Cancellation

  • Adjust Expiration of Grace Periods

  • Premium Report Reversals and Replacements

  • Cancellation Categories

  • Added the ability to discard quotes that are in the invalidated state

Deprecated features

The following legacy features are no longer supported by Socotra Connected Core and are not available in the current Core user interface.

Legacy Cancellations

The new UI does not support legacy cancellations. All cancellation and reinstatement operations must be performed with the new cancellations and reinstatements feature.


The latest cancellation functionality is enabled by including a cancellations.json file for each product. If you do not have this file configured for your product, invoking cancellations functionality from the new user interface could cause unpredictable results.

CSS Injection

The legacy Socotra user interface had a feature called CSS Injection, which allowed you to modify styles. The current user interface does not support CSS Injection.

Deprecated Feature Flags

The current user interface does not support setting the following deprecated feature flags being set to false:

  • Quotes for New Business:

  • Quotes for Endorsements and Renewals: property.quotes.for.endorsements.and.renewals.enabled


These feature flags must be set to true before their removal. Do this in the configuration file config.json:

    "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
    "currency": "USD",
    "features": {
      "": true,
      "property.quotes.for.endorsements.and.renewals.enabled": true