This page lists deprecated features and functionality in Socotra that has not yet been removed. Some of these have a date scheduled for removal, and others have removal dates pending.

Some features not listed here are marked in the documentation as Legacy, which means that they are likely to be deprecated in the future.

Socotra recommends terminating use of any of these elements as soon as possible.

Feature flags

The following feature flags are deprecated and should be removed from configuration or explicitly set to true:

  • Quotes for New Business:

  • Quotes for Endorsements and Renewals: property.quotes.for.endorsements.and.renewals.enabled

  • Premium Reporting: property.premium.reporting.enabled

DepositAccount Property

The optional depositAccount property on the PolicyResponse object is deprecated and will be removed on January 12, 2022. For most users this property will never be set.

Deprecated Objects

The following objects are used only in deprecated features:

locator string
balance number
transactionCount integer

lastTransactionPostedTimestamp timestamp