Product Release Notes

2021-04-28: Version 2021.18

Beta Release!

Product Enahancement

The Event Stream responses for premium reports now include a policyLocator property.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where endorsements could fail when updating optional fields with an empty value

  • Fixed a bug where calling GET /policies/*/quotes for a policy would fail if the policy was in grace

2021-04-28: Version 2021.17

Product Enhancement

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the payment plan plugin did not set the time span for reinstatement invoices properly.

2021-04-21: Version 2021.16

New Features!

  • Product Versioning makes modifying configurations controlled and safe to avoid conflicts with already-existing data.

  • The Payment Plan Plugin offers fine control over the creation and scheduling of invoices.

2021-04-14: Version 2021.15

New! Proration Holdbacks Beta

The new Holdbacks feature allows retaining more than just a proportionate amount of premium or fees in the event of a cancellation. This is useful for applying short rates or fee retention. See the Holdbacks Beta Page for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain short-term policies could be renewed with more than one invoice, which interfered with processing the renewal.

  • Fixed a bug where a policy could not lapse a second time after reinstatement

2021-04-07: Version 1.3.198

New Document Rendering Performance Improvements!

  • Documents are now rendered in parallel instead of serially. Policy transactions that render more than one document should see substantial performance improvements.


If the feature flag property.docconversion.service.enabled had previously been set to false, document rendering will remain in serial. Set it to true to enable this feature by default.

New Beta Releases!

Updates to the New UI Beta

  • Enancements and improvements are continuing. The latest changes are listed here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where renewals created an incorrect invoice due date

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to create a field group field for Premium Reports

  • Fixed a bug where the external rater was called even for non-premium-bearing endorsements

2021-03-31: Version 1.3.197

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the policyholder locator was not validated on policy creation.

2021-03-24: Version 1.3.196

Removal Notice

The following deprecated feature flags are planned for removal on September 24, 2021. Customers should set the value of these flags to true in all tenants as soon as possible. Please contact Socotra support with any questions.

  • Quotes for New Business:

  • Quotes for Endorsements and Renewals: property.quotes.for.endorsements.and.renewals.enabled

  • Premium Reporting: property.premium.reporting.enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a migrated policy’s invoices could not be paid.

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where a quoted but not-yet-accepted renewal did not appear.

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where a policy reinstated with a gap in coverage erroneously displayed as in-force during the gap.

  • Fixed a bug in configuration studio where adding fields to premium reports that had no fields would fail.

2021-03-10: Version 1.3.194

New Feature! Table Lookups from Plugins

  • Plugins now support table lookups. Use the function socotraApi.tableLookup(configVersion, tableName, key)

  • Note: The configVersion parameter will be used in a future version of Socotra. For now, pass the value 0.

New Event Stream Events

The following events have been added to the Event Stream:

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where the price summary for reinstatements incorrectly showed the total rather than the amount of change.

2021-03-03: Version 1.3.193

New Feature! Proration Plugin

  • The proration plugin offers complete control over how premium is prorated and allocated after a cancellation or endorsement.

  • See details in the Proration and Premium Allocation topic.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the reinstatement data was not available in the Liquid document renderer for cancellations.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a peril in an endorsement failed validation if there were no pre-existing perils.

2021-02-24: Version 1.3.192

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where fields of type lookup were not retrieved for read-only users.

  • Fixed a bug where payment of certain policies would fail with an HTTP 500 error.

2021-02-17: Version 1.3.191

Feature Flag Deprecation

  • Several feature flags have been deprecated. See the API Changelog for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where occassionally an invoice would be generated for a few cents for non-premium-bearing endorsements.

  • Fixed a bug where truncating a policy with an endorsement would sometimes generate a “Cannot build QuotedFinancialTransactionCreateRequest” error.

2021-02-10: Version 1.3.190

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to finalize a policy with missing non-optional fields.

  • Fixed a bug in configuration studio where the maximum length setting for a string field was not being set correctly.

2021-02-03: Version 1.3.189

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a grace period would not be settled after several delinquency events even if the payment had been posted.

  • Fixed a bug where trying to pay a reversed invoice resulted in an HTTP 500 error rather than HTTP 400.

2021-01-27: Version 1.3.188

New Feature! Improved Cancellations and Reinstatements

  • Cancellations and Policy Lapse have been combined.

  • New lifecycle controls for cancellations and reinstatements, including different flows and documents for different cancellation reasons.

  • Reinstatement after manual cancel is now supported.

  • Reinstatement with a gap in coverage is now supported.

  • See full details in cancellations and reinstatements.

Bug Fixes

2021-01-13: Version 1.3.187

  • No customer-facing changes; internal improvements only.

2020-12-22: Version 1.3.186

Payment Reversals

  • The reverseTimestamp property on the PaymentResponse2 object has been renamed to reversedTimetamp.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in payment reversals where payments for invoices that were settled by an endorsements or renewal and were reversed did not have the reversedTimestamp property populated, and the payment.reverse event was not raised.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for a single past-due policy to have multiple lapses created.

  • Fixed a bug where exposures created in accepted-but-not-issued renewals and endorsements were included in the On-Risk Report

2020-12-16: Version 1.3.185

New! Payment Reversal

2020-12-09: Version 1.3.184

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where an endorsement could not be priced with field groups removed as part of the transaction

2020-12-02: Version 1.3.183

Event Stream

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where special characters in email addresses (like ä, ö, ü, ë, è, é, ê) would fail to pass validation

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to reinstate certain policies in the UI

  • Fixed a bug where removing a fieldGroup in an endorsement would fail

  • Fixed a bug where certain policies would not appear in the UI

2020-11-18: Version 1.3.182

Event Stream

2020-11-11: Version 1.3.181

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the All Policies report did not return all rows

  • Fixed a bug where setting the newPolicyEndTimestamp to the existing end of a policy in an endorsement an error would be generated

  • Fixed a bug where the fees in an endorsement were not set correctly in the EndorsementResponse

  • Fixed a problem where errors were caused by incomplete validation on policy acceptance

2020-10-28: Version 1.3.180

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users could not get renewal details for some policies through the tenant UI

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to cancel a policy within a few hours of the original policy end

2020-10-21: Version 1.3.179

Bug Fix

2020-10-14: Version 1.3.178


  • Added the ability to discard quotes that are in the invalidated state

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where deploying a product configuration after removing a product would prevent redepoying a new product configuration

  • Fixed a bug where some policies would fail to renew based on incorrect timestamps

2020-10-07: Version 1.3.177

New! Scripting Plugins


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new quote did not use the original quote as the basis for exposures or perils.

2020-09-30: Version 1.3.176

Policy Change Management

Claims Only Users

  • Socotra now permits claims-only users to upload media items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the zero due invoice generated by non-price changing endorsement only contained financial transactions for a single peril

  • Fixed a bug where adding a peril while extending the policy term in an endorsement would fail

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where it was not possible to see peril details for a newly added exposure on a quoted renewal

  • Fixed a bug where removing a table in configuration studio caused an error

2020-09-23: Version 1.3.175

Policy Change Management


2020-09-16: Version 1.3.174

  • Added new endpoints to show the state that the policy will be in after an accepted endorsement or renewal is issued.

  • Fixed a bug where an endorsement or renewal response object was missing the details about the changes to the policy.

  • Improved the object model documentation topic

2020-09-09: Version 1.3.173

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an added exposure in an endorsement was not being priced properly.

  • Fixed a bug where creating an endorsement directly in the quoted state did not return planned invoices in the response.

2020-09-02: Version 1.3.172

New Feature

  • New Feature! Quotation of endorsements and renewals, including multiple concurrent quotes, is now supported. See Policy Change Management for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the effectiveTimestamp the modifications array of the Policy2Response could show an incorrect time.

  • Fixed a bug where deploying a new configuration caused search to fail.

2020-08-26: Version 1.3.171

Financial Transactions

Merged the financial transaction object with the now-removed FinancialTransactionResponse2. The new object has all the fields in both of the former objects.

Premium Reporting

  • Added individual premiums to price breakdown in the UI

  • Fixed a bug where the report timestamp in the premium calculation liquid context was incorrect

Configuration Studio

  • Fixed a bug where renaming perils after an account reset or revert to last deployment failed

  • Fixed a “Product Name undefined” error that could occur after deploying a new configuration

2020-08-19: Version 1.3.170

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue with issuing renewals

  • Fixed a bug where the name of a premium report was not available in the UI

2020-08-12: Version 1.3.169

Renewal Rating

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where claims only users could not access premium reporting policies

  • Fixed a bug where a policy could start a grace period even after the delinquent invoice was paid

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where users were not being prompted for endorsement reprice options

2020-08-05: Version 1.3.168

API Additions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where multiple endorsements with exposure additions and removals sometimes failed with an Illegal Argument Exception

  • Fixed a bug where an endorsement followed by another endorsement that reduced the policy term to before the effective time of the first endorsement would fail

2020-07-22: Version 1.3.167

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where on cancelling a renewed policy the refund invoice amount for the renewal was incorrect

  • Fixed a bug where premium reports were able to be issued even after errors in rendering documents

  • Fixed a bug in Configuration Studio where json errors did not prevent deploying the configuration

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where the Get Pricing button for a quote was improperly enabled even when the quote name was empty

  • Fixed a bug in the UI where invoice settlement status was displayed as null

  • Various performance enhancements

2020-07-15: Version 1.3.166

Configuration Studio

Added a Premium Reporting example product to the Configuration Studio Product Library. (From the Home screen in Configuration Studio, in the Products section, click Add New and then click the Library tab.)

External Rater

Added a quoteLocator field to the payload for calls to external raters, for new business rating.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with endorsements where updates to the start time before issuance caused the endorsements’ modification objects to have incorrect start timestamps

  • Fixed a bug where documents were not getting generated properly for premium reports

  • Fixed a bug where users with account.tenant.admin permissions did not have the Permissions column populated on the Manage Users page

2020-07-08: Version 1.3.165

Premium Reporting

New! Added a new feature: Premium Reporting. See Premium Reporting for details.


Quotes can now be named and renamed in the user interface.

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where the next monthly invoice amount increased when an endorsement was in accepted state but was not refunded when the endorsement was invalidated.

2020-07-01: Version 1.3.164

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in configuration studio where incorrect files were being generated in response to new fee and tax configurations.

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to set a field value for an optional field to the empty string.

2020-06-24: Version 1.3.163

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an extra invoice for a few cents was sometimes generated at the end of a policy term.

2020-06-17: Version 1.3.162

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where read-only users were not able to generate reports

  • Fixed a bug where the total premiums after reinstatement without gap did not match the original premium

2020-06-10: Version 1.3.161

New Payment Plans

Socotra has existing payment schedules of total and monthly. With this release we have added annually, semiannually, quarterly, every_two_weeks and weekly as available payment schedules. See invoicing for more information.

End of Month Installment Scheduling

Previously, policies that started at the end of a month could exhibit unusual behavior when installments “fell off” the end of the month. For example, with a monthly policy starting on January 31, since there is no February 31, the next installment would fall on March 3.

Now installments will fall on the same day, or the last day in a month for shorter months:

  • January 31

  • February 28

  • March 31

  • April 30

  • etc…

Quotes in the UI

  • The full installment schedule for a quote is now available in the UI. See the Future Invoices section on the quote.

  • When searching in the UI, matches that correspond to a specific quote will be returned as quote objects. Each quote can be clicked to get to that specific quote.

2020-06-03: Version 1.3.160


Socotra now has controls for when documents are rendered in the quotes workflow:

  • Standard documents can be rendered at any of quote, accept, or issue.

  • Invoice documents can be rendered at either of accept or issue.

By deferring rendering until documents are needed, performance can be improved, which can be important for quickly generating and comparing multiple quotes.

See the Quotes Documentation for details.


Configuration Studio does not yet support GUI controls for the configuration settings for the document generatingEvent. This will be added to an upcoming release. You can use the text editor mode to add generating event properties to policy.json.

2020-05-27: Version 1.3.159

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where it was not possible to change renewal documents in configuration studio.

2020-05-20: Version 1.3.158

Configuration Studio

Configuration studio now has the ability to rename products, exposures, and perils from the UI. Click the context menu icon and choose the Rename option.

2020-05-13: Version 1.3.157


Released user interface support for the Quotes for New Business feature. Now, when the policy is in draft state, there is a dropdown that selects which quote to view and work with. The Create New Quote button allows creating new quotes based on the selected quotes as a starting point. Quotes can be indivdually priced with the Quote button. After the policy is issued, all quotes are accessible in the Historical Quotes section.

External Rater

Socotra now checks responses sent from external raters for the field exceptionMessage. If this field is found, the Socotra API will return an HTTP 409 error back to the client, with the error message in the message field. In addition, this message will be displayed to the user in the Socotra UI if the transaction originated from the UI.

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where the create quote endpoint failed when a payload was included with the request.

2020-04-29: Version 1.3.156

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented document page numbers from being rendered correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where policies with accepted quotes were erroneously marked as finalized.

  • Fixed other minor quotes bugs.

2020-04-22: Version 1.3.155

New Product Library

A library of pre-configured products has been added to Configuration Studio. From the Home screen in Configuration Studio, click Add New and then click the Library tab. You can then choose from a list of products cultivated by Socotra.

2020-04-15: Version 1.3.154

CSS Injection

CSS Injection is a new feature that allows customizing the look and feel of the Socotra UI. See CSS Injection for details.

2020-03-25: Version 1.3.151

Quotes for New Business

Quotes for New Business is a new feature that allows the creation of multiple prospective versions of a policy, with different coverages and pricing.

  • Underwriting, rating, and document rendering is controlled separately for each quote.

  • User interface support for the Quotes API is underway and will be released soon.

  • See Quotes documentation for details.

2020-01-07: Version 1.3.141

New Configuration Studio!

A new version of the configuration studio released. Users should migrate to the new studio available at and transition away from the old version located at which has become deprecated.

2019-09-04: Version 1.3.125

New ‘All Issued Policies’ Report

All Issued Policies is a report on all policies issued within a time range, similar in structure to the On-Risk Report. See reporting documentation for details.

2019-08-07: Version 1.3.121

Event Stream

The Event Stream API now supports a policy.end event which is fired when a policy expires.

2019-07-24: Version 1.3.119

Deposit Account API Deprecated

The Deposit Account API is now deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. See the API Changelog for details.

2019-05-01: Version 1.3.107

Peril Endorsements UI

The policy administration UI now allows endorsements on perils. Perils can be added, updated, and ended (same functionality as is in the API).

2019-04-24: Version 1.3.106

Claims Payables

  • The API now allows recording payables at the subclaim level.

  • See documentation here.

Reminder Events

  • Reminders can now be configured to alert of impending events.

  • The reminders will appear in the event stream.

  • See documentation here.

2019-03-27: Version 1.3.102

Updating Peril Limits in the UI

In the UI, all peril limits are now editable. Configured default values still appear, but can be overridden.

2019-03-20: Version 1.3.101

Invoice and Document Attribution

In the API, invoices and documents created by cancellations, endorsements, and other policy operations are now returned with the locator of the policy modification corresponding to the creating operation. See documentation for invoices and {{documents|PolicyDocumentResponse>}}.

2019-03-06: Version 1.3.99

Adding, Updating and Ending Perils During Renewals

Upon renewal, perils can be added to existing exposures. Existing perils can have coverage limits and other details updated, and can have coverage ended when the renewal period starts. See API documentation here

2019-02-20: Version 1.3.97

Adding Perils During Endorsements

An endorsement can now add a peril to an existing exposure. See API documentation here.

2019-02-13: Version 1.3.96

Renewal Documents

Documents can now be configured to be generated during renewals. See feature documentation here

Updating Perils During Endorsements

An endorsement can now update peril-level information via the API. See API documentation here.

2019-01-30: Version 1.3.95

Ending Coverage on Perils During Endorsements

An endorsement can now end coverage on an individual peril via the API. See API documentation here

2019-01-16: Version 1.3.93

Adding and Ending Exposures On Renewals

  • Exposures can be added to a policy as part of a renewal.

  • Exposures can be ended as part of a renewal, meaning they will not have coverage during the renewal period.

  • See API documentation here

2019-01-09: Version 1.3.92

Field Updates on Renewals

  • Field values at the policy and exposure levels can be updated upon renewal.

  • See API documentation here

2018-12-19: Version 1.3.91

Rater Operation Type Now Available to Premium Calculations

Premium templates can take into account whether the cal1culation being performed is for new business, an endorsement, or a renewal. The rater operation can be accessed at data.operation See full premium calculation documentation here.

2018-12-12: Version 1.3.90

Get All Policyholders Endpoint

The API now supports loading all policyholders in an instance via a paging mechanism. See documentation here

2018-12-05: Version 1.3.89

External Rater Support

Support for a new External Rater service has been added to calculate premium, technical premium, and commissions in lieu of Liquid peril premium calculation templates. See full documentation here

2018-11-07: Version 1.3.86

Removal of Obsolete Liquid Filters

Several Liquid filters have been removed:

  • set_peril_premium in favor of set_month_premium and set_year_premium

  • add_commission in favor of add_month_commission and add_year_commission

  • set_technical_premium in favor of set_month_technical_premium and set_year_technical_premium

  • get_30_360_day_count

See Liquid filter documentation.

2018-10-24: Version 1.3.84

End of Life Notices

V2 claims and the card/form/dictionary configuration for them have been removed.

Several Liquid filters are being deprecated and will be removed on October 31, 2018. Please update your configuration as soon as possible

  • set_peril_premium in favor of set_month_premium and set_year_premium

  • add_commission in favor of add_month_commission and add_year_commission

  • set_technical_premium in favor of set_month_technical_premium and set_year_technical_premium

  • get_30_360_day_count

2018-10-17: Version 1.3.83

End of Life Notice

V2 claims and the card/form/dictionary configuration for them are being sunset and will be removed on October 24, 2018. Please update your configuration as soon as possible.

2018-10-03: Version 1.3.81

UI Improvements

  • No more automatic deletion of input that doesn’t pass validation

  • Number field values may now be deleted during data input

  • No more autocorrection for text input into number fields

  • Typing after selecting a dropdown field now matches the beginning of each option, rather than any text in it

  • No need to select the Exposure when a product has only one Exposure type

  • No need to select the Peril when a product has only one Peril type

2018-09-19: Version 1.3.79

Claims Report

The Claims report is a report of all claims in the system and their case reserves as of a given time. See Reporting documentation.

2018-09-05: Version 1.3.77

Subclaim Statuses

Subclaims may now be closed or reopened independently of the parent claim.

2018-08-29: Version 1.3.76

More Claims Improvements

Closing a claim now sets the reserves on its subclaims to zero.

2018-08-22: Version 1.3.75

Claims Improvements

  • Claims are now validated against coverage dates. Loss reserves may not be set if no coverage was on at the incident time.

  • The workflow has been simplified, with more information visible on each screen.

  • You can now create and open claims with a single API call, and re-open closed claims for additional processing.

  • The event stream now records changes to a reserve.

2018-08-15: Version 1.3.74

New Claims Redesign

  • File claims and subclaims against a policy and specific coverage, respectively

  • Record loss and expense reserves on subclaims

  • Report on reserves

  • See Claims for more information

2018-08-01: Version 1.3.73

Updates to Rating and Invoicing

  • February and March invoices will have identical premiums for monthly billing.

  • Premium allocation is done on an “actual days within a billing period” basis. See Premium allocation documentation.

  • Socotra will automatically scale premiums for partial periods. You now specify premium in terms of 1 month or 1 year.

  • To turn on these updates:

    • Add "improvedRating": true to /config.json

    • Replace all uses of (1) set_peril_premium with either set_month_premium or set_year_premium; (2) add_commission with either add_month_commission or add_year_commission; and (3) set_technical_premium with either set_month_technical_premium or set_year_technical_premium

2018-07-25: Version 1.3.72

User Management UI

You can now manage users in any given Socotra instance. This Supports viewing, creating, disabling, and updating users. Access this feature via the Administration link at the top right of the login screen. Administrator/Configuration Studio credentials are needed to manage users in an instance. Once logged in, you may also change the password for the user. Click the user name at the top right and select Settings.

2018-07-06: Version 1.3.70

More Security Improvements

  • Rate-limited login

  • Updated CORS policy

2018-06-27: Version 1.3.69

Security Improvements

  • Updated GDPR compliance measures

  • Simple and common passwords are no longer allowed. If a user tries to set too simple a password, the system will offer suggestions to improve it.

  • Resolved vulnerabilities

2018-06-20: Version 1.3.68

Single Login for Configuration Studio

Configuration Tester no longer requires a second login.

2018-06-13: Version 1.3.67

Password Complexity Enforcement

During a password change in the Socotra UI, simple and/or common passwords are no longer allowed. If this happens, the system will offer advice on how to make the password more secure.

2018-05-30: Version 1.3.65

Lapsing and Reinstatement

Socotra now supports lapsing and reinstatement on unpaid policies, with a grace period. See Lapsing and reinstatement documentation.

End of Life Notices

  • Socotra Administrator has been shut down. Please use Configuration Studio instead.

  • Socotra V2 has been shut down. It is no longer possible to log in to V2 test instances. Instances using the Policy-Exposure-Peril data model are on V3 and are not affected.

2018-05-23: Version 1.3.64

End of Life Notices

  • Socotra Administrator will be sunset. Please use Configuration Studio instead.

  • Socotra V2 is being sunset. V2 instances show a warning indicating this. Instances using the Policy-Exposure-Peril data model are on V3 and will not be affected.

2018-05-16: Version 1.3.63

Easier to Understand UI Design

The updated UI design now applies to all Socotra instances. Improvements include:

  • Related information is grouped together visually

  • Higher-contrast design makes it easier to see what information is related

  • More efficient use of screen space

  • More consistent terminology and visual elements

  • More intuitive workflows and button placement

2018-05-09: Version 1.3.62

Improved configuration Validations

Missing tax.liquid.premium file now results in an error while loading config Unused brand, payment, dictionary, and roles files are no longer required

Renewals Fees

Renewals may now apply fees. See Renewals documentation for details.

2018-05-02: Version 1.3.61

The Add Document endpoint now works for policies in any status. See API documentation for details.

2018-04-25: Version 1.3.60

Locator Format Change

Locators in future policies will be 9-digit decimal numbers rather than 36-digit strings. Existing policies will not change.

Settlement Types

Settlement types are now available on invoices in the API. Invoices can be settled as paid, written off, or zero due. See relevant API documentation for more information.

Field Groups in the On Risk Report

The first two instances of each field group now appear in the on risk report. Each field in the field group has its own column, and columns are named according to the convention: “[policy | exposure | peril ] [field group name] [1|2] [field name]”.

End-of-Life Notices

  • The field policyInvoice2Response.paid has been removed. Use the most recent entry in “statuses” instead.

  • The Commissions Report has been removed, and replaced with the “Payable Commissions Report.”

2018-04-11: Version 1.3.59

  • All instances created after this version goes live will have encrypted policyholder data. Instances created before then will not be affected. All configuration and API endpoints remain the same

  • You can now add multiple products quickly in Config Studio. The “Add/Remove” workflow now allows adding multiple new items without re-opening the dialog box.

  • Perils are now shown in alphabetical order in the UI.

2018-04-04: Version 1.3.58


Add a renewal term to a policy with the same coverage as at the end of the previous term but with new claims limits. See Renewals documentation and API documentation.

End-of-Life Notices

  • The field policyInvoice2Response.paid will be removed on April 11, 2018, because it doesn’t mean what a user would expect and shouldn’t be used. Use the most recent entry in “statuses” instead. See API documentation.

  • The Commissions Report is being removed, because the results of the report are not what a user would expect. Use the “Payable Commissions Report” instead.

2018-03-28: Version 1.3.57

  • Endorsements can now change the policy end date, with the appropriate change in premium. See the endorsements documentation and API documentation for details.

  • Configuration deployment tools now allow zip files of up to 50MB

2018-03-21: Version 1.3.56

  • Configuration studio now loads faster.

  • Dates in the Payable Commissions report now use the “YYYYMMDD” format.

2018-03-14: Version 1.3.55

  • Use display names for taxes, fees, and perils in invoice document templates. This eliminates the need to format the field name to make it readable. See Relevant documentation for more.

  • You can now add or remove products, exposures, and/or perils in Configuration Studio.

  • The policy admin UX has been improved, with wording changes for clarity, breadcrumbs in the reporting UI, and report inputs shown above the preview pane.